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Propelled by the desire to proclaim the soon return of Jesus Christ in Swaziland , a veteran American missionary, JC Rogers, arrived from Nyasaland ( Malawi ) in 1920 to establish the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Swaziland . Travelling on horseback, Rogers visited Queen Regent Gwamile to make a request to find a mission station in the country. However, his request was not granted on the basis of a law passed several years ago which forbade any further granting of land to foreign missionaries.

But later in the year, Joseph Hlubi, a Swazi national and a former organizer for the African National Congress for Eastern Transvaal and Swaziland, arrived in the country to pursue JC Roger's dream. He had been converted into Adventism in the year 1918, and he immediately felt an urge to share his newfound faith with his own people. Hlubi moved in and settled in Mahamba area, and Mahamba was a place that had been earlier on occupied by the Methodists

At the suggestion of IB Burton, who was a worker at KwaZulu Natal Mission Field, Hlubi's wife started literacy classes with the children of the village in the evenings. Initially, she managed to garner only five pupils, however, later the attendance increased tremendously. This approach enabled Pastor Hlubi to introduce the Sabbath to the area, and Mabhunu Dlamini's wife became one of his first converts. Read more...

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